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Shuswap Family Therapy

Couples therapy is for any couple, dating, engaged, married, common-law who are looking for positive solutions to challenges they are facing, and creative ways to enrich their relationship. Couples therapy can also help individuals navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of divorce/separation, co-parenting, and blended families.

Shuswap Family Therapy

Family Therapy provides an opportunity for all family members to have a voice and share their unique perspective. Family sessions will incorporate creative activities and strategies to build connections, celebrate differences, and grow understanding.

Shuswap Family Therapy

Individual therapy is available for anyone looking to make meaningful connections, changes, or experience growth in their life. Issues may include: anxiety, depression, mental health challenges, stressful life events, family or relationship concerns.


Nothing grows people like love. When we love people, they blossom
Sue Johnson
Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
Alfred Adler
How can I provide a relationship which this person can use for his/her own personal growth?
Carl Rogers

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